Vista's 90-Day Challenge

Vista's 90-Day Challenge

Vista's 90-Day Challenge 


  • Do you believe your treatment is really effective but never thought you could afford to prove it?
  • Have you been wondering why the Joint Commission insists monitoring patients during treatment is so beneficial?
  • Do you wish your UR team could get longer initial treatment stays approved?

This is your opportunity to find out how useful real-time patient monitoring can be and how inexpensively you can have independently-validated post-treatment outcomes research results.  Vista Research Group will provide our entire outcomes research program to your treatment center between now and March 31, 2023 for one low price --

only $349!


Wondering what the catch is?  We don't believe in catches.  We'll customize our software for you, provide all the training and hand-holding we always do, work with you to make sure your team takes full advantage of the software, and start contacting patients who discharge from treatment for their one month follow-up survey!

Obviously, though, we can only afford to make this offer to a very limited number of centers.  If your company is interested, your leadership team will need to commit to getting set up and starting to enroll patients quickly in order to be selected.


Interested?  Reach out & say "We're In!"

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