Summary of Benefits

Summary of Benefits

Vista’s addiction treatments outcomes research benefits all of your center’s stakeholders:


Patient Benefits

  • Vista’s research will help your clinicians provide truly individualized treatment that helps your patients get better faster
  • Since patients’ ability to meet their post-treatment drug and alcohol usage goals is directly related to length of treatment stay, your patients will benefit from your utilization review team’s ability to get more days approved
  • Your treatment effectiveness research will convince prospective patients of the superiority of your treatment and attract more patients to your center
  • As a result of screening all incoming patients for common co-occurring disorders using simple academically-validated questions and assessments, Vista’s research will likely identify previously-undiagnosed co-occurring disorders in 30% to 40% of all patients at intake, allowing your clinical team to start treating patient disorders right away


Owner Benefits


Staff Benefits

  • Reviewing Vista’s color-coded patient progress graphs in advance of therapy sessions allows clinicians to prepare effectively and increase clinician productivity
  • The detailed information collected by Vista’s intake questionnaire will help clinicians prepare for their first session and streamline creation of the initial biopsychosocial patient assessment
  • Vista’s built-in assessments and real-time graphing of co-occurring disorders and suicidal thoughts combined with the software’s ability to automatically request patient updates on whatever schedule clinicians desire saves staff time by eliminating the need to collect and track this information manually

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