Attract More Patients

Attract More Patients

According to admissions counselors, patients and their families searching for treatment typically have two crucial questions:

  • How much will treatment cost?
  • What is your success rate?

Have you ever thought about how many patients you may be losing because you can’t persuasively answer the second question?




Unfortunately, the addiction treatment industry has historically attracted a number of charlatans who have quoted absurdly-high success rates and engaged in repulsive practices such as patient brokering.  While such bad actors are a small percentage of the industry, their existence has tainted the reputation of the entire field by providing the grist for exposes like John Oliver’s and the Body Brokers movie

As a result, consumers searching for treatment simply don’t trust the success rates that treatment centers develop internally.  In fact, the need for a cost-effective way to accurately measure post-treatment success rates was the driving force behind the creation of Vista Research Group in 2015.

Now that a number of pioneering treatment centers are following standardized rules to measure their post-treatment success rates, Vista’s founder and her daughter have been able to launch a nonprofit that helps families searching for treatment to find the rehabs that meet their needs with the best proven outcomes.

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Promote Your Center on Conquer Addiction


For a cost of only $199 per year, treatment centers can submit their outcomes research results and earn a 1-star to 5-star success rating from an independent panel of judges on Conquer Addiction.  Consumers can see the validated results of these programs’ post-treatment outcomes research and then click directly through to the center’s website or call their admissions line to learn more. 

It only take 5 minutes to complete the application and attract more patients by promoting your center through Conquer Addiction.  And if you're new to outcomes research, the judges will grant your center a "Rating Pending" rating in recognition of your willingness to prove how effective your treatment is.


Showcase Your Research Results on Your Website


Families searching for treatment are hungry for proof that a center is effective.  Vista clients who’ve shared their outcomes research results on their website and in other marketing materials such as referral presentations report that it truly differentiates their center and attracts more patients. 

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