Where Treatment Professionals Help More Patients Recover

Where Treatment Professionals Help More Patients Recover

Do you want to join a community of treatment professionals who are fervently committed to providing every patient with the best possible chance of recovering from addiction and/or mental illness? Members of the Vista Research Network use state-of-the-art software to monitor patients during treatment and follow up with them afterwards to learn how effective their treatment was in helping them recover.

Not only are clinicians able to use to easily personalize the treatment they provide, but Vista’s trailblazing data analytics platform and comprehensive research reports help owners and managers continually monitor and improve their center’s effectiveness.   

And the results speak for themselves!  Vista’s research has confirmed that among patients treated in a center in the Vista Research Network who discharged prior to September 4, 2022: 

6,645 patients
were in recovery* one year later!


* Note: Recovery is defined differently at different treatment centers.  When contacted one year after they’d left treatment, the following number of patients confirmed they
had achieved their goals during the last 30 days: 

  • 6,292 SUD patients had abstained from all nonprescribed drugs and alcohol 
  • 50 SUD patients who attended harm reduction-oriented centers had met their self-defined drug and alcohol usage goals; and
  • 303 non-SUD patients who attended behavioral treatment felt excellent or good overall

Peter Drucker was right – "What gets measured gets managed." And once centers are able to prove how effective their treatment is, they can use their research to:


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