Continually Improve

Continually Improve

Vista’s data analytics platform allows center managers to analyze 40 different patient-reported metrics by date, by program and by clinician.  Centers can identify and address opportunities for improvement such as:

  • Patient Dissatisfaction:  Are patients in one of your programs dissatisfied with an easily-correctable issue?
  • Need for Additional Clinician Training:  Are one or more of your clinicians less effective than others at decreasing the severity of their patients’ co-occurring disorders?
  • Patient Population Trends:  Has the number of patients in treatment for a particular drug of choice changed enough to warrant any changes in treatment emphasis?

To assist centers in strategically analyzing their results and developing a detailed strategic action plan, Vista offers a 5-week online Performance Improvement Workshop every January.

Videos and worksheets are available in the private community for Vista Research Network members who wish to conduct their own Do-It-Yourself Performance Improvement Workshops at other times of the year.

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