Per-Patient Pricing

Per-Patient Pricing

Per Patient Pricing

(typically better for short-term treatment)

Alternatively, see per clinician pricing (typically best for open-ended MAT or counseling programs) or pricing for individual clinicians


The following pricing calculator estimates your costs for all three of these components:

  • Monitoring Patients During Treatment:  Vista charges a flat monthly fee based on the number of patients typically in treatment at one time.  
  • Contacting Patients After Treatment:  Vista charges $120 per patient to follow up with them at three points after they leave treatment ($40 at one month, $40 at six months and $40 at one year).  If you discharge more than 275 patients in a year, we can cap your costs by randomly selecting 275 representative patients.  
  • Incentive Bonus:  If Vista's outcomes researchers are successful contacting 60% or more of your patients in any given month, we'll charge a 10% bonus on that month's calls, which incentivizes our researchers to go the extra mile to contact your patients.  


Estimate Your Monthly Research Cost: 


Monitoring Patients During Treatment
$ per month *
Post-Treatment Outcomes Research
$ per month by Year Two
(First year monthly costs are about half this)
$ per month
Your Annual Research Cost
First Year


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