Save Staff Time

Save Staff Time

Save Staff Time


Because Vista’s software collects 98% of its information directly from patients, it saves your staff a tremendous amount of time and effort in each of the following ways:


At Intake

Vista’s intake survey assesses patients for a wide range of issues and disorders using well-known, academically-validated assessments such as the PHQ-9, the GAD-7 and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale.  Because Vista reports patient results instantly in easily-understandable color-coded graphs, most centers find that they are able to reduce the amount of time their intake coordinator spends giving assessments and recording results fairly dramatically. 

Also, because Vista’s software uses academically-validated questions to screen patients for every disorder the center wants to monitor, it is no longer necessary for clinicians to meet with a new patient first to decide which assessments they should complete. 


Individual & Group Therapy

Clinicians report that their therapy and group sessions are often much more productive when they are able to review updates showing how their patients are feeling in advance.

Additionally, clinicians are often able to streamline the development of a detailed biopsychosocial assessment for new patients by reviewing the comprehensive data in the Patient Summary Report. 


Data Collection

Vista’s ability to automatically request patient update surveys by text or email on whatever schedule a center desires cuts data collection time drastically.


Data Analysis & Reporting

The instant display of individual patient data in easy-to-understand graphs eliminates the need for staff to manually enter or analyze data for clinician use.  Similarly, being able to analyze aggregated patient data by time period, program and clinician in the data analytics platform instantly provides the Compliance, Quality Improvement, and Management teams with the decision-making data they need.

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