Download: A Call to Action

Download: A Call to Action

Joanna Conti
Originally Posted:
Aug 13, 2021

How YOU Can Help Dramatically More Patients Recover From Addiction

The results are in.  Among 17 treatment centers that have been systematically monitoring patients during and after treatment for more than a year, more patients reported being in recovery six months post-treatment during the second year the center was doing outcomes research at 14 of the centers (82%!).   Overall, 20% more patients reported being in recovery in the second year centers were doing outcomes research compared to the first year.

Let me repeat that:

20% more patients reported being in recovery six months after discharge
during the second year centers were doing outcomes research versus the first

It’s clear – “What gets measured gets managed”.  And want to know another interesting fact?  These 17 companies spent an average of only $26,000 per year on outcomes research to achieve these phenomenal improvements. 

The moment of truth has arrived.  Please ask yourself this important question –

Are you deeply committed to helping more patients recover?

If your answer is “yes”, I ask you to do three things:

1. Download our brand-new report “A Call to Action” and read the first 10 pages.

2. Commit to starting to systematically monitor your patients both during and after treatment this fall.  Vista’s research is your best option (although it’s possible I’m a little biased 😊), but there are other alternatives.  Choose one and get started.

3. Join an informal group of addiction treatment leaders working together to dramatically improve the effectiveness of addiction treatment. Learn more on page 10 of "A Call to Action".

The next few years promise to be very exciting!

Learn how to join the many treatment center leaders using outcomes research to make their treatment more effective, and compare your treatment center's results to the norms of other SUD centers.

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