Case Study: Patient-Reported Research Improves Treatment Results

Case Study: Patient-Reported Research Improves Treatment Results

Joanna Conti
Originally Posted:
Jun 15, 2017


A residential substance use disorder treatment facility started using INSIGHT Addiction to quantify the effectiveness of its treatment in April 2016.  Not only was the Board of Directors asking for better data, but the organization was rapidly approaching the date by which it needed to renew its accreditation.  And because the organization relied on homemade spreadsheets to track patients, they were lacking even basic demographic and treatment completion data on their patients, let alone the ability to monitor the existence and severity of their patients' co-occurring disorders.

One year later, the organization had received multiple benefits from the research:

  • Their eating disorder recognition & treatment was dramatically improved
  • Better identification of previously-undetected co-occurring disorders helped patients remain sober
  • The treatment effectiveness data in INSIGHT's annual Treatment Monitoring Report allowed them to sail through their reaccreditation
  • The results gave the Board of Directors confidence to start exploring a major expansion

Download this 4-page case study:

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