2019 Outcomes Summits

Would you like to spend two days talking with a small group of leading-edge clinicians and managers of other data-driven addiction treatment programs and developing a detailed performance improvement action plan for your treatment center?  We're planning two Outcomes Summits in 2019: 

April 30-May 1, 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida 

November 13-14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California



This video shows how interactive the Outcomes Summits are: 


Here are a few comments we received from 2018 Summit attendees:

  • "Talking with other treatment centers & getting ideas/brainstorming was super helpful.  Since the group was small, I was able to ask questions & get personalized help."
  • "Very useful for many areas, not only outcome measures."
  • "Discussion of how to communicate with insurance companies was great."
  • "Very helpful in raising the standard of care with data to prove it!"
  • "AMA risk factors helped me think about how to intervene."


What to Expect

At the start of the summit, each participant will receive their center’s INSIGHT results to date, including insightful summaries such as the following:




We’ll spend two full days reviewing best practices, discussing what’s working and what’s not at other centers, and brainstorming creative approaches to the unique challenges your patients present.  Each attendee who stays through the second afternoon (PLEASE don't book an early flight!) will leave the conference with a detailed performance improvement action plan specifying creative ideas they plan to implement to improve their program’s outcomes as well as how they’re going to measure their results.

Eager to attend?  There’s one important requirement -- in order to be invited to attend an Outcomes Summit, treatment centers need to have patients enrolled in and actively using INSIGHT Addiction™ no later than two months before.  


This hands-on workshop will be unlike any other conference you’ve ever attended -- please plan to join us!  Learn more here: