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Experienced Symfony Developer for Growing,
Fully-Remote SAAS Research Company

Fast-growing, independently-owned Vista Research Group is at the forefront of improving addiction and mental health treatment outcomes by monitoring how patients are progressing during treatment and following up with patients afterwards to get independent treatment effectiveness data.  

Over the last six years, we have built an easy-to-use PHP software program that utilizes a MySQL database to show clinical clients how their patients are progressing in real time.  In addition to seeing data for individual patients, our clients can also analyze 65 patient-reported metrics in an embedded Tableau workbook.  Our software integrates with a variety of different products, including electronic health records.  While our software is designed to be easy for our non-technical clients to use, both our data and the underlying software architecture is quite complex. 

Vista has always been a fully remote company.  We’ve been growing quickly, and are looking for individuals interested in working with our company long-term.  If you have the ability to devote at least 20 hours per week and the flexibility to attend a few meetings each week during normal working hours, this position might be for you.   The ideal candidate will be self-directed, fascinated by the challenge of solving complex problems, and motivated by the desire to use their skills on meaningful work that change people’s lives.  As a company that prioritizes work/life balance and understands that family comes first, Vista employees working 18+ hours/week receive excellent health insurance and paid vacations, and may receive performance bonuses and/or stock options as the company grows.  

The perfect candidate will have a minimum of 3 years of expertise in PHP 7/8 and MySQL coding within a Symfony framework (4.x/5.x).  You must be able to quickly understand how the various sections of the software interact and enjoy learning new things.  Additionally, you should have at least a working knowledge of the following:

  • Memcache/Redis
  • GIT
  • Doctrine
  • Linux
  • RabbitMQ (is a plus)

Women and people of color are encouraged to apply. 

To be hired, individuals must have solid Symfony coding experience as well as good written and oral English skills, and pass a background check.  Additionally, you will need to comply with data security measures and sign both a BAA agreement promising to keep the sensitive patient data we collect confidential and a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement.

To apply, please email your resume/CV as well as a cover letter explaining why you're the best person for this job and your answers to the following questions to info@vista-research-group.net:

  • Your experience coding complex MySQL databases using Symfony 
  • Why this opportunity is appealing to you
  • How many hours per week would you prefer to work?
  • How quickly you could start working this number of hours per week?
  • If you were working this many hours per week, what would you expect to be paid on an annual basis?

We are accepting applications by email only.  Any one attempting to contact us directly via phone, Skype or any other method will be disqualified.

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