What Is It Costing You Not to Do Outcomes Research?

What Is It Costing You Not to Do Outcomes Research?

Joanna Conti
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Many treatment centers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually (some even more!) on marketing to get prospective patients to pick up the phone. But they never think about how many of these prospects they’re losing because their admissions counselors can’t answer the second most-commonly-asked question of prospective patients:

What Is Your Success Rate?

Yet for an investment of only $25,000 to $40,000 per year, a 50-bed treatment center can have state-of-the-art outcomes research that:

  • Provides independently-validated post-treatment success rate data
  • Shows your clinicians the progress their patients are making during treatment & identifies those at greatest risk of leaving AMA
  • Helps your UR team persuasively argue for more treatment days   AND
  • Allows you to develop data-driven performance improvement plans by program and by clinician

We’ve found that centers who are long-term members of the Vista Research Network share a common mission – their team is deeply committed to helping as many patients as possible recover from addiction. And since that is also what drives our company, we’ve decided to offer a small number of other like-minded programs the opportunity to see for themselves how beneficial outcomes research can be. These selected companies will be offered the opportunity to use Vista’s entire suite of outcomes research products for the rest of 2020 for only $249!

If you share our mission and believe your program would benefit from Vista’s outcomes research, sign up to learn more here:

Take Vista's 60-Day Challenge

In the first two weeks, we will customize Vista’s software for your program and train your team on how to get full benefit from the real-time progress monitoring and data analytics. After that, we’ll train your UR team on how to use individual patient data to get more treatment days approved and walk your leadership team step-by-step through the development of a detailed 2021 Performance Improvement Plan using your aggregated patient data.  

Interested?  Reach out now - we can only accept a very limited number of treatment centers!

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