Achieve Your Center's Most Important Goals In 2021

Achieve Your Center's Most Important Goals In 2021

Joanna Conti
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Achieve Your Goals through Performance Improvement


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to welcome in 2021. It simply has to be a better year than 2020, doesn’t it? Please?

While you and your staff have spent the year adapting to rapidly-changing infection rates and treatment requirements, the Vista team has been thinking about how we can help you fully utilize the comprehensive data you have collected about your patients. We’re excited to kick off the new year by offering a series of weekly workshops designed to help your center’s leadership team create a detailed strategic action plan for 2021:


Introducing Vista's 
2021 Performance Improvement Workshop Series


During these hands-on workshops, your leadership team will devote 90 minutes a week to focusing on the big picture goals you want your center to achieve during 2021. By the end of five weeks, you will have identified your center's two or three most important performance improvement goals and developed a detailed action plan to achieve them next year.

Along the way, we’ll help your team understand the stories your aggregated patient data tells, brainstorm creative solutions, and collaborate with peers across the country via our new online community. And, as a side benefit, you’ll end up with a documented performance improvement plan you can share with the Joint Commission and CARF! 

Learn more:



Because we know finances are tight, we’ve kept the cost of the workshop really low. Regardless of how many team members attend the workshops, the fee for your treatment center will be only:

($149 if your center treats less than 50 patients at a time)

Please join us in this new adventure -- it will be worth the time commitment, I promise!  



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