eBook: Using Outcome Measures in Addiction Treatment

eBook: Using Outcome Measures in Addiction Treatment

Joanna Conti
Originally Posted:
Sep 28, 2017

Research has shown that regularly providing data about how patients are feeling to their therapists helps patients get better faster regardless of the type of therapeutic approach being provided.  As a result, interest in using patient-reported results to improve substance use disorder and behavioral health treatment results has been growing rapidly.

This 33-page eBook summarizes:

  • Why monitoring Outcome Measures helps patients get better faster
  • Easy ways to monitor your patients & identify those not progressing as well as expected
  • How to measure your long-term treatment effectiveness
  • How to improve your bottom line by easily complying with accreditation and certification standards and becoming a preferred provider
  • Developing the gold standard in addiction treatment - independent, post-treatment success rate data

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