Addiction Treatment Outcomes +20% in Second Year of Research

Addiction Treatment Outcomes +20% in Second Year of Research

Joanna Conti
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Addiction Treatment Outcomes +20% in Second Year of Research

Vista has exciting news to announce -- 14 of the 17 addiction treatment centers (82%!) who have used Vista’s post-treatment outcomes research for multiple years have improved the effectiveness of their treatment over time!  In fact, across all 17 centers, the percentage of patients claiming to be abstinent six months after discharge is up an average of 20% in Year 2 versus their first year's results:

Rehab outcomes +20%



Peter Drucker was right - "What gets measured gets managed".  And once centers are able to prove how effective their treatment is, they can use their research to:


In fact, the additional revenue your center receives from just the first two of these will probably cover your total outcomes research cost several times over!



Is Your Center Using Outcomes Research to Increase Effectiveness & Profitability?


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And don't hesitate to get started -- you're going to LOVE the data you receive about your patients!



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