Calling All Industry Leaders

Calling All Industry Leaders

Joanna Conti
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At the Behavioral Healthcare Conference, the Joint Commission announced the requirement of all accredited behavioral health organizations to start using Measurement-Based Care by January 1, 2018.

According to Scott Williams, the Joint Commission’s Director of Health Services Research, the soon-to-be-released CTS.03.01.09 standard will include three critical components:

  • It requires organizations to use sensitive standardized instruments that can be used repeatedly over the course of treatment to monitor patient progress.  Ideally, these instruments should monitor progress from the patient’s perspective.
  • Organizations need to use the data generated by these instruments to inform clinical care and revise patient treatment plans.
  • Organizations must periodically aggregate the data over their entire patient population to evaluate the effectiveness of their treatment.

The Joint Commission is mandating that organizations start using standardized instruments because research strongly shows that Progress Monitoring improves treatment outcomes.  It makes the biggest difference for the patients who are hardest to treat – those not responding well to treatment.

Vista’s INSIGHT Addiction™ and INSIGHT Behavioral™ products allow our clients to effortlessly reap the benefits of measurement-based care and comply with CTS.03.01.09.  Vista’s online research screens patients for depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors using academically validated measures such as the PHQ-9 and the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale.  INSIGHT also monitors the quality of relationships, instances of self-harm, and satisfaction with treatment.  In addition, for patients struggling with substance use disorder, INSIGHT Addiction™ tracks alcohol and drug use as well as the strength and frequency of patient cravings.

All data are reported back to the patients’ counselors in easy-to-read color-coded graphs to inform clinical care:

Additionally, patients’ results are regularly aggregated and compared to those of similar programs for benchmarking purposes.

Industry leaders who pride themselves on providing the best possible patient care aren’t waiting; they’re using INSIGHT and its "Patient Summary" reports to monitor the severity of their patients’ underlying co-occurring disorders and identify the critical times when a patient is in trouble and needs additional help.

If you are passionate about helping your patients get better faster, let’s talk. To schedule an online demo of either INSIGHT Addiction™ or INSIGHT Behavioral™, simply call us direct at 800-215-3201 Ext 1.

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