Announcing the 2019 "Excellence in Treatment" Winners

Announcing the 2019 "Excellence in Treatment" Winners

Joanna Conti
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Vista Research Group is thrilled to announce that Conquer Addiction, the organization our CEO created in 2014 to help parents find the addiction treatment centers with the best success rates, announced the winners of the first annual “Excellence in Treatment” awards on Tuesday from the main stage of Foundation’s Moments of Change conference.

Sixteen leading addiction treatment centers applied for the award by submitting six-month or twelve-month post-treatment outcomes results for their patients. A prestigious panel of independent judges reviewed all the submissions and selected the four treatment centers with the best post-treatment abstinence rates to receive awards:

Gold: Renaissance Ranch of Idaho 
(now part of Brick House Recovery)

Silver: Elevate Addiction Services

Bronze: Alta Mira Recovery Programs 
& AToN Center

The percentage of patients who were reachable at six months post-treatment and reported having abstained from all drugs and alcohol for at least the last 30 days ranged between 42.6% and 65.5% for the winning programs. More details about each of these four programs as well as videos of their acceptance speeches are available at

Starting in 2020, “Excellence in Treatment” awards will recognize the most effective addiction treatment programs in three categories:  abstinence-based, harm reduction and treatment of professionals. Preliminary rules for the abstinence-based category may be downloaded here. Three levels of awards will be given in each category:

 Gold: Top 5% of all applicants
Silver: Top 6% to 15% of applicants
Bronze: Top 16% to 33% of applicants

Winners of the gold, silver or bronze awards will be publicly announced; the identity of all other applicants will remain confidential.  Applications must be received by Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. PST.  Please note that you must be able to provide six-month or twelve-month post-treatment follow up data for a minimum of 25 patients who discharge no later than 12/31/19 in order to be eligible to apply for the 2020 Excellence in Treatment awards.

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